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Bon Glaze is a gourmet doughnut bakery and coffee cafe located in Atlanta, Georgia. Featuring delicious gourmet doughnuts, decadent bacon, and artisan espresso coffees, Bon Glaze will quickly become a part of your ritual whether it's morning, day, or night.

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These are without a doubt the best doughnuts in Atlanta! I’ve spent three years trying to find a properly risen yeast doughnut, and Bon Glaze delivers. These are light, fluffy, and perfectly proofed. I love alll the different flavors too; usually I’m not a fan of filled doughnuts, but the coffee cream doughnut here totally won me over! And the staff couldn’t be nicer, last time we went we went they even threw in a free doughnut in one of the specialty flavors since it was near the end of the day. I’m a professional pastry chef and I’ve made more doughnuts than I can count, so I’ll admit that my standards are sometimes unrealistically high - Bon Glaze is the only place in Atlanta that has exceeded my expectations.
— Marta G., Pastry Chef , via Google Reviews